Welcome to the home page of the Union County Conference.

Dear Sports Fans,

The Union County Conference would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our website. We hope that the site provides you valuable information and a pleasant overview of our highly successful programs throughout Union County. All Union County Conference schools are members of the New Jersey Interscholastic Athletic Conference, and the Mid State 38 Football League.

Athletics is an integral component of academics as it contributes to the overall development of student athletes through participation in team activities. The Union County Conference is proud of all our student athletes for their participation, sportsmanship, and honors earned, that reflect not only for them, their families and supporters, but on their schools as well.

As important as winning seasons are, and we always strive to be the best, the above grows in importance as the results of the overall program are essential in preparing these young athletes for life after high school. The very foundations of their future in high school education or any other endeavors they embark on have been formed on the athletic fields of the schools they represent. For this, we are privileged and grateful to be a part of this system.